Marlborough Netball  –  LIFE MEMBERS:

Patricia Schroeder  (1977)    /    Betty Woodham  (1977)    /    Norma Robinson  (1977)

Helen Mackie  (1989)Helen was the Secretary for the Junior Netball a long time ago when it was Marlborough Junior Netball Association.  She use to do the draw for the Marlborough Junior Netball for many years.  She was a coach and selector for St Mary’s School for 35 years.  She later on became a Selector and Coach for the Marlborough Representative teams.  She was the secretary for the Marlborough Umpires Committee and obtained her NZ Theory & Practical certificates for her great umpiring abilities.

Dorothy Fitzpatrick (1992)Dot is always present at our opening day for the season and both prize givings, Junior and Senior.   She has also held every position at Marlborough Netball:-  from Patroness, President, Vice-President, Board Member, Rep coach, Club Coach.  Dot holds a Netball New Zealand Service Award.

Lynette Fredericks  (1995)Lynette was the driving for netball in Picton for many years.  She coached and run the Tokomaru Club, was also the netball coach “helper” at many schools.  Lynette was a selector, manager and coach of numerous Marlborough Netball representative teams.  She was a delegate (Board Member) for many years for the Marlborough Junior Netball Association.  She became Secretary on the Executive (Board) for 10 years.  She was a good umpire and obtained her NZ Theory.

Jan Gallop  (2008)Jan is an active member in our Netball centre.  She has held many positions at Marlborough Netball:- from Board Member, Secretary, Umpire and Coach.  Jan is still part of our Umpires Committee and does the Umpires draw for the games on a Saturday and Tuesday nights.  Jan is the Sports Co-ordinator at Marlbrough Girls College and always helping the young and upcoming umpires to grow in achieving their goals.

Kathryn Martin (2016)Received her MNC Life Membership at the AGM in March 2016.  She is still actively involved in netball – mainly as a Bench Official.  Kathryn was a player, coach and is with Renwick school.

Shirley Hocquard  (2017)Shirley grew up next to the netball courts.  Always at working bees with mum and dad when they helped building the Horton Park Pavilion in 1966/7.  Shirley started playing netball at Blenheim school, went to Bohally A with mum, Betty being coach.  Mum, Betty started some college teams with United club and Shirley has been involved with the club ever since.  She has held every position in the club and not a year has gone by that she has not played or coach during the season.  Shirley has been a Marlb Committee & Board member and helped with many draws through the years.  She is not shy to work hard after a long day of netball – always making sure the toilets are clean and sorting the recycling.  Shirley is still actively involve coaching at school and club level.

Maggie Lloyd  (2018)Maggie moved to Blenheim with her family from Gore in August 1978, where she immediately became part of the Marlborough Netball Community.  Throughout the years since 1979 Maggie has coached Marlborough’s Girls’ College Senior A Teams & if not Coaching, Maggie was involved in a Management capacity.  She was a key advocate in 2014 of the reinstatement of Marlborough Girls’ College Netball – as a Club, and continues to be our link between the Club and College. This equates to approximately 38 Years’ Serviceto netball at Marlborough Girls’ College.  Maggie was a New Zealand Umpire Badge Holder from sometime around late 1960’s untilthe end of the 1990’s. She would have attended 15-20 National Tournaments as an Umpire.  Maggie is involved with the South Island Secondary Schools Netball Executive which oversees the yearly Secondary Schools Tournaments. She has been on this group for over 20 years and is currently the Chairperson and has been for the last two years.  Maggie was honoured with a SISSNA Service Award at their 50th Celebrations in 2012.


Betty Woodham (1982),  Dorothy Fitzpatrick (2001),  Jan Gallop (2010),  Shirley Hocquard (2018), Bridgette Gane (2018)

HONOURS AWARDS:  (For contribution to netball for more than 15 years)

C. Reo Marfell,  Helen Mackie,  Pauline May, Noelien Nicholas, Myra Pickering, Betty McKee, Marie Renner, Lynette Fredericks, Dorothy Fitzpatrick, Shirley Sprosen, Jocelyn Grant, Jane Anderson-Bay, Heather Morrison, June Marfell, Shirley Hocquard (2007), Di Saul (2008), Kathryn Martin (2008), Viv Broughton  (QSM – 2016), Bridget Gane (2017), Terry Marfell (2017), Tracey Cross (2017), Francie Litchfield (2017),  Mary Adams (2018),  Sonya Masters  (2018) – the latter two were the last two to receive a MNC Honours award as our centre will follow NNZ way to give service awards for service to netball.


S McLean  (2007),  Brenda Chilvers (2007),  Dianne Woolf  (2008),  Ali Roselli (2008),  Sharon Holm (2010),  Nugget Waitai (2012),  Lynette Rayner (2016),  Carol Lindstrom (2016), Michelle Stagg (2018), Catherine Stringer (2018), Janine Jordaan (2018), Alana Cairns (2018), Sonia Maxwell (2018), Kirsten Burns (2018) Ali Millar (2019), Trish Weaver )2019)