2024 AGM

Marlborough Netball Center AGM will be held on the 12th February 2024 at 6pm Lansdowne Park 

Please contact admin@marlboroughnetball if you have any questions

The Marlborough Netball Centre Board shall:

(a) develop and implement MNC Regulations, strategies, policies and procedures for the administration, promotion and development of MNC and Netball played under its auspices;

(b) develop and implement prudent policies and MNC Regulations to manage, protect and enhance MNC's finances and property;

(c) Employ the CEO/General Manager, determine the terms and conditions of employment, and, if necessary, terminate such appointment;

(d) establish such commissions, committees and groups as it considers appropriate to assist it to carry out its responsibilities and to receive and deal with reports and recommendations from such commissions, committees and groups;

(e) establish such corporate and other entities to carry on and conduct all or any part of the affairs of MNC;

(f) co-opt, engage, contract or otherwise agree to obtain the assistance or advice of any person or organisation for the MNC Board;

(g) delegate such powers as it considers appropriate to employees, commissions, committees or other groups appointed by it;

(h) enforce the Rules of Netball;

(i) determine the yearly calendar for tournaments, events and competitions held under the auspices of MNC which do not conflict with the yearly calendars of Mainland Zone and NNZ;

(j) employ, engage or otherwise appoint coaches, managers, umpires and other support personnel for MNC's representative netball teams and competitions, determine the terms and conditions of such appointments and, if necessary, terminate such appointments;

(k) appoint such persons as it considers appropriate, determine the terms and conditions of such appointment, to committees, positions and roles within MNC, (except as otherwise specified in this MNC Constitution or MNC Regulations), and, if necessary, terminate such appointments;

(l) subject to this MNC Constitution, fill vacancies of the MNC Board, any commissions, committees and other groups which are established by it;

(m) determine the conditions and rules of tournaments, events and competitions, held by or under its auspices;

(n) appoint and administer the MNC Judiciary Committee;

(o) discipline Members as specified under Rules 12 and 19;

(p) develop programmes for playing, coaching, umpiring and officiating Netball, and implement them as agreed by NNZ, and Mainland Zone together with national and Zone programmes for the Zone;

(q) resolve and determine any disputes or matters not provided for in this MNC Constitution;

(r) seek legal, financial and other professional advice as required;

(s) appoint delegate/s as required to the Zone and NNZ Annual and/or General Meetings; and

(t) do all other acts and things which are within the Powers and Objects of MNC and which the MNC Board considers appropriate.

(u) Approve Netball Teams and squads to represent the MNC;

You will have lots of support and have an opportunity to make a real difference in our Netball Community .